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By popular demand! The glorious Gamer's Quarter Online Store is open and ready for business! Proudly show your support of alternative games journalism with our stickers and buttons, and by carrying around (and perhaps even reading) your very own print copy of our magazine! Issue 8 is currently shipping! All prices are in USD!

Shipping for book orders (shipping is included in the price you'll see in your shopping cart):
to the US: $2.00 per book
to Canada: $3.00 per book
to the rest of the World: $5.00 per book*

* If you live outside the US and Canada and are interested in purchasing more than two books, please contact shapermc@gamersquarter.com.

Shipping for orders under $5 (no books): $2.00

NOTE: as of 6/19/2006, shipping prices have been changed! Please see above for details.

Orders will take 1 to 3 weeks to arrive! In the meantime, play some videogames!

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Issue 8 print edition!

The long-awaited return of The Gamer's Quarter! The legendary hero has risen from the grave to restore the soul of games journalism! Read the stories within and equip yourself with their powers! The action's spread across 76 pages - don't miss a single one! $5 USD per copy! NOW SHIPPING!

Click to add a copy of issue 8 to your shopping cart if you live in the US!

Click to add a copy of issue 8 to your shopping cart if you live in Canada! (Price adjusted for shipping.)

Click to add a copy of issue 8 to your shopping cart if you live outside the US or Canada! (Price adjusted for shipping.)

Issue 7 print edition!

Swing your arms from side to side! Come on, it's time to go! Do the Mario with The Gamer's Quarter Issue 7! You just may find the secrets you need to defeat the menace of NextGen and return the Videogame Kingdom to peace! 107 pages (less if you take warps)! SOLD OUT!

Issue 6 print edition!

This handheld edition of The Gamer's Quarter goes where you go! Games journalism power in the palm of your hand, perfect for reading wherever you are! This handheld TGQ is in black and white, but the cover is full color! 121 pages of action! SOLD OUT!

Issue 5 print edition!

The much-anticipated follow-up to issue 4 is a non-stop ride of action and screen-filling boss fights! Keep on reading till you make it through and you'll reach the best ending! Printed in Dallas, Texas using a highly specialized process for maximum messing with the aforementioned state. 114 glorious black-and-white pages with an equally glorious full-color cover! SOLD OUT!

Issue 4 print edition!

This sequel to the highly acclaimed Print Issue 3 features a shocking plot twist half an hour in! What is it? You'll have to read and see! Professionally printed in merry old Dallas, Texas. 94 black-and-white pages with a full-color cover! SOLD OUT!

Issue 3 print edition!

Now you're playing with power! Portable power! Reading online is fun, but you're ready to take it to the next level with this physical, real-world copy of The Gamer's Quarter issue 3 - professionally printed by an actual real-world print-house in Dallas, Texas. Yee-haw! 128 digitally printed black-and-white pages with a sturdy full-color cover! SOLD OUT!


How awesome will your gameboy, laptop or guitar case look emblazoned with one of these hot Gamer's Quarter stickers? Almost too awesome, friend. Almost! Classic TGQ logo and new "You Don't Know, Jack" designs available! (Who is this Jack? We'll leave it up to you to decide!) $1 USD each!

BLACK STICKERS are currently out of stock! This webpage will update when we reprint them!

Click to add a "You Don't Know, Jack" sticker to your shopping cart!

One-inch buttons!

Buttons! These glorious one-inchers are hand-made by our loyal staff and look great on your bag, belt, jacket or any piece of clothing you can imagine! The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Available in three designs: (left to right) TGQ logo, Player, and Pongism (believe)! $1.50 USD per button!

BUTTONS are currently out of stock! This webpage will update when we make some more!

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Paypal is preferred, but if you have an aversion to Paypal please send a check or money order made out to Wes Ehrlichman, along with your order details, where to send the book, and a valid e-mail address (to be used only in the case of questions pertaining to your order) to:

Wes Ehrlichman
The Gamer's Quarter
3828 McDonald Ave. Apt. A
WesleyTE: St. Louis, MO 63116

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